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The Creeds

I spent most of my life in a church tradition that had little if any appreciation for the creeds of Christendom.  I really have never sought an explanation for this and perhaps there isn’t one aside from “all we need is the Bible.”  If this is the explanation to be presented, presently I find it woefully unsatisfying.  For recently, one of my favorite and most emotional times in our worship on Sundays is the recitation of a creed.  I am not completely certain why, but I am deeply impacted by the realization that others have died reciting these words.  The bond of the church transcends time through many means.  The creeds are just one way that we are reassured that we are one body in Christ.  So as I recite the Apostle’s Creed standing next to my wife and children in our community of faith, we are joined through the words to those before us who too affirmed their faith by reciting the same.  The creeds, for me, serve to affirm the unity of the church throughout history centered on one faith, one Christ.



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