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Tribute to a faithful saint

Today I attended a funeral of a person I barely knew. In fact, I met her only once. I really only knew her through stories told by my good friend Dan, her son. However today as I sat in the funeral home beside Dan, I watched a monitor roll picture after picture of a woman that had made it her life to serve others. She served fifty-five years in the Philippines beside her husband in service of the Kingdom of God. You seldom get the see the personal side of the missionary life as these pictures revealed her as a mom, wife, neighbor. The usual mission pictures show the work, but these showed something just as important: The Work that keeps the work going. You could see the joy in her world through these pictures. They were both a kind rebuke and joyful appreciation. A rebuke because I know my heart which tells me I am not strong enough to endure the trials I’m sure they endured in the Philippines. Joyful appreciation, that God gave them the strength to persevere for the cause of the Kingdom. Rest in the care of the King, Dorothy Ebert.


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