Gospel Coalition and Complimentarianism further complicated

Jared Wilson wrote a blog article entitled, The Polluted Waters of 50 Shades of Grey, Etc, on the Gospel Coalition site that has generated much discussion. In the Gospel Coalition’s effort to support the theological proposition known as complimentarian role of women, Wilson extended this conversation to the topic of sex. His ill-chosen words garnered many negative comments both on the blog and throughout the blogosphere. However, I do believe the post was helpful, just not in the way that either the Gospel Coalition or Jared Wilson anticipated.

My personal take on the egalitarian-complimentarian discussion would probably not be accepted by either side. I see the bifurcation of the role of women with relation to the role of men generally unhelpful. Wilson’s blog post illustrates this well. When one pushes their view too hard into mutually exclusive categories, the result is blog posts similar to Wilson’s post on the Gospel Coalition. The idea that one can apply their position about women equally to every role that a woman undertakes oversimplifies the discussion and undervalues women’s contributions to society as a whole. Are there clearly defined roles for women and men found in scripture? In some categories, yes; in other categories, maybe; yet other categories, no. I believe that Wilson applied his belief to a category that does not fit his complimentarian paradigm which might suggest a bigger problem for his complimentarian position as he understands it. Rachel Evens provides a nice response about Wilson’s proposal here:


I believe Evans is correct in mentioning the Shulamite woman of Song of Songs and 1 Corinthians 7. Neither speak of a complimentarian view of sexuality where the man should take the dominant role.

Jared Wilson missed an opportunity to speak to the real issues of the day regarding what we as Christ-followers set before our eyes. The question should be are Christ-followers placing before themselves things that deface the story about God and his people. What images display a marred idea of what God desires for his people and how should we respond to them? Either way, Wilson missed an opportunity to clarify his complimentarian position and further exposed it to its deficiency to address marital sexuality.


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