Installing a ceiling fan is now a two person job

So my son turned thirteen this year and my wife and I thought it would be a great idea to redecorate his room to a more mature theme. One part of the redecoration process included installing a new ceiling fan. We shopped around and finally decided on a Hunter Fan.They are an American company however like all other fan they manufacture their products in China. That, notwithstanding, they have consistently demonstrated a commitment to quality. As a side note, I am not unfamiliar with fan installations as I have been a homeowner for about twenty years doing many of my own projects. However this installation will remain distinct from my previous four fan installations. Hunter has a different size downtube and a different hanging bracket from all other fans I have installed. The downtube was not a big deal, although it required an additional trip to the hardware store. The bracket, on the other hand, was a significant change. The traditional bracket allowed one to hang the fan, then connect the wiring. The Hunter fan’s bracket design forced me to hold the fan and connect the wiring at the same time. I cannot understand why they would deviate from an industry standard bracket. I do know that this is not the manner in which a company should distinguish themselves from the competition. Installation jobs should be easier for the homeowner, not more difficult. So, I think Hunter Fans must have been trying to improve the economic conditions in the U.S. by forcing homeowners to hire a fan installer and not just one but maybe two or three. Here is my tribute to their efforts:

Thank you Hunter Fan Company for taking a one person installation job up to a two-three person job through your fan design. Your concern and forthwith contribution to the economic recovery through this engineering nightmare is admirable. I will gladly take the frustration of trying to hold a fan motor in one hand while at the same time connecting wirenuts with the other hand balanced on an 8ft ladder, as my small sacrifice to the economic recovery. You could have stayed with the tried and tested fan mount that allowed both hands to be free to connect the wiring, but you boldly redesigned it. I ‘m sure it was for the sake of the suffering Americans looking for employment. For that, I am grateful. Hunter Fan Company, you are a true patriot (Patriotic music slowly fades…).



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2 responses to “Installing a ceiling fan is now a two person job

  1. Heh! I installed a Hunter fan a couple weeks ago in our daughter’s room. The model we bought was slightly different from the one you describe. They added a couple of tabs to the mounting bracket and corresponding slots in the piece that the ball hangs in, so that the motor hangs on the edge while you make the electric connections, praying that you don’t bump the motor too much and make it crash to the ground! We also bought a remote control, only to find out that when the power goes out, the remote defaults to lights ON, so when the power came back on at 1 AM, our daughter woke up. I am taking the remote back to Home Depot today.

    • I like the quality of Hunter fans, I just don’t understand why they would not opt for the bracket that everyone else uses. It works! I have had the same issues with the remote, also I have a remote in our bedroom that will randomly come on from time to time (usually in the middle of the night!).