Huge religion survey: Gen X-ers less Christian, less Republican

Washington Post reports that the pole noted,

Generation X-ers — people born between 1965 and 1972 — are bucking previous demographic trends by becoming less religiously affiliated and less Republican even as they’ve aged, according to one of the biggest surveys of American religiosity.

The survey also noted where growth in religious categories took place.

The faith groups that grew during this period were what religion experts call “the poles,” because they tend to be opposites politically and in their view of religion. Those are non-denominational Christians, a group which grew as a percentage of Gen X-ers — from 12 percent of the population to 16 percent — and people who say they have “no religion,” a group that grew from 11 percent to 16 percent of the Gen X generation.

I wonder if the take away from this survey is the decline in denominationalism. While the no religion category grew, so did the non-denominational category. The decline of denominationalism has been documented for some time. This seems to further reflect this trend.


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