I am Thankful…

Thanksgiving is a great holiday for me for many reasons. The food, family, rest from the routine, sports, and Christmas tree shopping remain constants of holiday weekend. However, as much as I enjoy all of these, especially the food, Thanksgiving reminds me to pause and give thanks. The Lord continues to truely bless me and our family in many ways. First we are blessed with being a part of two ministries that desire to impact their respective communities. Our church, Redeemer Community Church, merged this fall with another local church in the area. I am thankful that God allowed us to participate in this merger and in some small way see the manifestation of Christ’s prayer for unity in John 17. Our family remains grateful to be a part of this church. The Lord has also presented many opportunities to minister with the students at Clearwater Christian College. I am careful not to write “minister to” because they have encouraged, admonished, taught me much more than they will ever know.
Second, I am thankful for the work the Lord has done in my family this year. In spite of Julie and my repeated failures to live the gospel in front on them, they have matured in many ways this year, seeing Christ in their trials and desiring to dialogue about their faith with their friends.
There are so many more things that I could mention such as income and health, but these are the thing I realize most this holiday season. For these I am truely thankful.


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