Idolatry: You worship what you think about?

Couterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

Couterfeit Gods by Tim Keller

I received my copy of Tim Keller’s new book this week and have begun to work through it.  He made a statement that has caused me to pause and reflect.  I am certain that it will not the last. In explaining a quote by Archbishop William Temple, he explains,

the true god of your heart is what your thoughts effortlessly go to when there is nothing else demanding your attention. What do you enjoy day-dreaming about? What is it that occupies your mind when you have nothing else to think about? Do you develop potential scenarios about career advancement? Or material goods such as a dream home? Or a relationship with a particular person? One or two day dreams do not indicate idolatry. Ask rather, what do you habitually think about to get joy and comfort in the privacy of your heart?

This statement demands reflection for all Christ-followers [especially me] because we frequently and eloquently disguise our idols in “good things” that may on the surface appear honorable.


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